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EzyMegaCAMLAN-360IP Megapixel 360° camera integrated with high-resolution DVR

EzyMegaCAMLAN-360 is a digital IP camera that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. It has a  panoramic lens obtaining a high-resolution, hemispheric view of the area, without any blind spots. Our immersion of technology in the image, allows you to view, record and playback the entire visual field at 360°. It represents the synthesis of the best technology available at the moment for 360° panoramic vision.

EzyMegaCAMLAN-360 integrates:

  • an 1,3 Megapixel IP camera;
  • a fisheye lens for the 360° panoramic vision;
  • a digital MPEG4 DVR on double card SD-HC;
  • a rechargeable backup battery, that guarantees recording in case of power failure

PTZ digital

Our technology allows you to digitally perform pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) movements with both direct vision or playback.

Total control

View, record and playback the real field of vision at  360°, with no blind spots and just one camera. All activity is recorded every moment, guaranteeing an exceptional level of security.

On-board recording

Two on-board slot SD-HC store the recordings directly in Mpeg4 format. There is no need for server or additional DVR.

Local or remote vision

EzyMegaCAMLAN-360 is designed  for stand-alone use or run by a LAN 10/100 network. With the EzyViewCAM software included, the camera can be completely managed by the local network or Internet.

Power supply 12Vdc –5W
Inputs/ Outputs
1 programmable alarm input;
1 open collector programmable output
Interface Connection RJ45 Ethernet 10/100
Video compression
12Vdc for camera power supply
Mpeg4 with CBR selectable by the user
Recording video resolution
Max resolution 1280×1024
Max frame-rate 8fps
Areas 2 independent Motion detection areas
1 Privacy masking area
Memory support
Double memory card SD-HC
Recording mode
Motion Detection
Alarm input

Example of 360° panoramic lens dewarping

Example of  night vision

8mm lens VS 360° panoramic lens

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