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EzyMegaCAMLAN IP Megapixel camera with recording

EzyMegaCAMLANrepresents a natural completion of the EzyCAM device family.

Incorporated inside:

a 1,3 Megapixel CMOS 1/3’’ sensor;
a MPEG4 DVR digital on double card SD-HC;
a backup rechargeable battery to guarantee recording even in the case of power failure

The optical section provides an external lens (not included) with a Board Mount 12mm connection.

High resolution with digital zoom

View, record and play back images at high resolution, with  the possibility of digital zoom on both direct viewing and recordings.

On-board recording

Two SD-HC on-board slots store the recordings directly in Mpeg4 format. No need for an additional server or DVR.

Local or remote vision

EzyMegaCAMLANis designed for stand-alone use  or operated by LAN 10/100 network.  With the software EzyViewCAM included , the camera can be completely run though the local local network or Internet.

Power supply 12Vdc –5W
Inputs/Outputs 1 programmable alarm input
1 programmable open collector output
Connection LAN 10/100Mbit
Video Compression Mpeg4 with CBR selectable by the user
Recording resolution video 2 independent Motion Detection Areas
1 Privacy Mask Area
Areas Double SD-HC Memory Card
Memory support Board mount 12mm (not included)
Recording mode Motion Detection
Time based
Alarm input

8mm VS 35mm lens

8mm lens VS 360° panoramic lens

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